Entry #9

Armed For Creativity

2010-05-09 00:35:49 by VinciAnimations

Armed for Creativity is a band that i participate in :D
We have one full length album (Spectrum Sunrise) and are working on a multi-genre EP
our style is Experimental/Electronic/Indie
check it out if you want
you can become a fan on facebook by simply searching Armed For Creativity

We currently have 3 singles where videos are going to be made
as a hobby :)

1st Single - Static Arhythmia (Spectrum Sunrise)
2nd Single - Surrender Pronto or We'll Level Toronto (Spectrum Sunrise)
3rd Single - Jonestown (Jonestown|Kingstown)

i know this is basically an advertisement but we're trying to get a small following
we are planning on playing shows.



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